Abdou Dia

Senegal (FR)

My name is Abdou Nar Dia and I initiated the concept of . The idea is to fill empty plastic bottles with small rubbish such as plastic bags, fabric scraps, cigarette ends, small packages and to use them as bricks in the construction of walls and houses. With these eco-bricks, I design and make different kinds of public or private arrangements (schools, houses, markets, alleys etc.). I grew up in a suburb of Dakar and I use upcycled waste to improve the living conditions in my neighbourhood: I build sports fields, benches, walls, etc. My leitmotiv is: pick it up, use it , recycle it!

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From the Design Up community

„Upcycling is an important pillar in establishing a circular economy. In the Global South in particular, it contributes to the preservation of traditional handicrafts, to an increase in the quality of life and creates prospects for young people.“

Selly Wane, project manager

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With the upcycling project Design Up, we bring together creators from Germany and Senegal who develop and design collections in tandem.