Wakeur Design

Senegal (EN, FR)

wakeur design is a group of craftsmen and designers, with various skills. We experiment with all materials and have projects and a willingness to work in up-cycling. The composition of the group, including a stylist, a woodcarver, a shoemaker etc, allows us to have a great diversity in the proposal. We already have some upcycling products in our collection but we intend to develop more.

Together let’s be creative

Apply as an upcycling designer or as a craftsman and become part of Design Up!

From the Design Up community

„Upcycling is an important pillar in establishing a circular economy. In the Global South in particular, it contributes to the preservation of traditional handicrafts, to an increase in the quality of life and creates prospects for young people.“

Selly Wane, project manager

About Design Up

With the upcycling project Design Up, we bring together creators from Germany and Senegal who develop and design collections in tandem.