Turn waste
into wonder

Be part of an intercultural upcycling movement involving designers from Senegal and Germany.
About Design Up

Shaping our future

The consequence of today's consumerism is clearly visible: garbage, garbage and even more garbage. Floating in oceans, lying around in forests and cities. It is just not beautiful. We can change this! Design Up brings creative minds and doers from Germany and Senegal together, in order to jointly design sustainable solutions for a new era.

„Turn waste into wonder“ is our motto. With craftsmanship, an eye for aesthetics and a lot of creative energy, useful, sustainable and beautiful products are created for our everyday life, in a friendly and fruitful intercultural discourse.

This is not just about design, it’s about the future and solidarity.
So, Stand up – Design Up!

Ecology & Economics

Sustainable consumption means taking responsibility. On the one hand for our environment by making sure that we only take enough for the purpose of letting nature regenerate. On the other hand for future generations by establishing an economy that will last. Design Up lives a conscious and appreciative handling of the available resources - economically and ecologically!

Social equity

Sustainability on the social level means that labour and human rights are guaranteed across generations in order to enable a strong and dignified society, in which everyone can participate. Design Up brings people from the global south and north together and thus promotes equal opportunities through greater visibility of the participants in the international market.


Strengthening a culture of sustainability means appreciating cultural diversity and protecting both tangible and intangible cultural heritage. Design Up thrives on creativity and on a fecond intercultural discourse. In doing so, we maintain traditional craftsmanship, create new products and connect worlds with one another.

Minds & Makers

Of course, we don't want to withhold the great people behind the great products from you. Curtain up for the makers of Design Up!


A piece of history

Our products are presented at major trade fairs and cross-cultural upcycling exhibitions in Europe and as part of a two-day interactive upcycling design festival in Senegal. Each piece tells its own story of loving handicraft and new perspectives for the craftsmen.


Together let’s be creative

Apply as an upcycling designer or as a craftsman and become part of Design Up!

From the Design Up community

„Upcycling is an important pillar in establishing a circular economy. In the Global South in particular, it contributes to the preservation of traditional handicrafts, to an increase in the quality of life and creates prospects for young people.“

Selly Wane, project manager

About Design Up

With the upcycling project Design Up, we bring together creators from Germany and Senegal who develop and design collections in tandem.